Small bathrooms can be a challenging renovation project, especially if you need more storage space. If you are having your bathroom remodeled and/or need to maximize your bathroom storage, here are some ideas to help you get started.

1.) Get Floating Shelves Installed

Spectacular bathroom renovation maximizing space storage

Floating shelves are inexpensive, easy to install, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. You can have them installed above the toilet for towels and other accessories, above the sink for the seldom used items, or almost anywhere else. Not only are they one of the less expensive options, they will give the bathroom a more modern look.

2.) Turn Awkward Spaces Into Storage

Squeeze out extra storage space by converting awkward, unused, empty wall space into a custom storage solution by having built-in shelves installed. Not only will this add extra storage space, but it will also add to the décor of the room.

3.) Customize Irregular Shaped Bathrooms

Consider having a custom storage solution installed in your bathroom. A professional contractor will help bring to light any wasted space, can possibly add additional space by removing nearby walls, or offer a number of other custom solutions to help suit your needs. Although this option may be more expensive, it will help the rooms functionality and aesthetically.

4.) Choose Smaller Fixtures

When renovating your bathroom, consider choosing smaller fixtures as they will take up less space and will make the space appear larger.

5.) Maximize Vertical Space

If you have tall bathroom walls and high ceilings, consider having your contractor make use of the extra space. Cabinets can be built up to the ceiling for extra space, shelves can be built up high to store seldom used items, and/or the extra space can be used for decorations to give the bathroom a more open, larger look and feel.

6.) Have Your Door Changed

If you currently have a door that swings into your small bathroom, consider having it swing the opposite way as long as there is not a high traffic area on the other side. If there is high traffic and/or you do not feel comfortable with this, consider having a sliding door installed which will side into the wall.

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