4 Rules for Blending the Old and the New in Your Home Renovation

There are two ways to go about renovating an older home: you could take a preservationist’s approach and go for a purely historical renovation, or, you can go for a blending of the old with the new, which is what we usually find to be more desirable.

Layers of old paint, uneven floors, bad lighting, layouts that don’t work for modern families — older homes can have a lot of issues. But, there are usually some charming elements worth preserving, like custom crown moulding, fireplace surrounds, pocket doors, and other remnants of a bygone era when carpentry gems like these were more common.

Here are four rules for renovating an old house so you keep the best of the charming bits while updating your home for 21st-century living.

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5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Doors

Most people don’t think about replacing their home’s doors or windows; however, not replacing them can have a serious effect on the functionality as well as your enjoyment of the home. Here are our top 7 signs that you need to replace your interior and exterior doors:

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Top Home Automation Project Ideas

If you are looking to save money long-term, help protect the environment, and/or keep up with the latest in home technology, a home automation project may be for you. There are a variety of hard wired and wireless home automation systems which can be connected to the home computer network. Doing so allows the systems to be integrated with each other and controlled from within the home as well as remotely. The top home automation systems often fall into the security, lighting, HVAC and sprinkler system categories.

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