With a growing family, you may find yourself needing more space or additional rooms to keep everyone happy and peaceful. While moving may be the first thought that comes to mind, there are certainly other options to consider. Home additions, such as adding an additional room or floor, can provide a solution to your special crises. Below are some of the benefits of creating a home addition:

Cost Efficiency

Moving is expensive. Hiring a moving company, hiring a realtor, paying for transfer taxes and other fees all adds up. Rather than paying thousands of dollars in realtor commissions and other fees, consider investing that money in your current home. In many cases it may be cheaper to add on a room than to move all together.

Add Value to your home

By adding a home addition, you are increasing your home’s re-sell value. When you go to sell it in the future, your home will be worth more, and you will not have had to deal with the cost and stress of moving. A win-win for everybody involved!

Custom Made Home to Your Liking

Your home addition will be custom made to your family’s needs. If you need additional storage, bathrooms or rooms, you can have it however you would like. Moving into a different home often requires concessions and not everyone gets what they want or need, but with a home addition you can simply add on whatever you would like to what you already have.

Avoid Moving and Still Get the New House

As stated earlier, moving is expensive and stressful. You may have to move your children away from their school and friends, or you may have to move farther from work. A move can cause significant stress and disrupt peace within the home. Although home additions can be stressful as well, the process is not as life altering as a move.


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