A custom home is a tailor-made home designed specifically for a client, on a piece of land already owned by the client. When a person thinks about building their “dream home” they are usually talking about a custom home. Here, the client can decide exactly how large the home will be, what features and amenities it will have, and can decide every detail if desired, down to the type of materials used.

For those who are interested in building a custom home, or just want to learn more about it, here are the basics.

Custom Homes vs. New Construction

The difference between a new construction project and a custom home is that new construction projects typically refer to a set of homes that are pre-designed, have a few different options, and are sold in phases whereas a custom home is a one-of-a-kind home built for just one client. Homes in new construction projects have the exact same layout, design and shape, and are often referred to as “cookie cutter” homes as they all have the exact same look and feel.


Each home is unique to the client, and therefore the characteristics of the home differ from house to house. Some common characteristics or features often include Jacuzzi bathtubs, crown moulding, an open concept living area, granite counters, walk-in closets, custom woodwork, unique staircases and appliances with modern technology.

Time Limit

Time limits for custom homes vary depending on the contractor, location, weather and the budget. The first step is to purchase the land on which you would like to build. Once this has been done, permits must be attained and the contractor must be chosen. Next, the client will work with the contractor on the design and layout of the home and a blueprint will be created. After all permits are in place and the blueprints and design are done, the building can begin. The entire process can take as little as a few months to as long as a few years depending on the circumstances.


Custom homes are usually much more expensive than new construction homes or pre-existing homes as they are built specifically to the needs and desires of the client. When working with your contractor, give them a budget and ask for an itemized plan so you know exactly where your money will be going.

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