home-slide-02One common question we get at Jedan Brothers is “How can we make this small room or area look bigger?” Everyone wants their home to look as open and inviting as possible, especially those who have smaller than average rooms or living spaces. Here are some of the ways we at Jedan Brothers Contracting can help give you the open and inviting space you have always wanted:

Add More Natural Lighting

In many instances we can add additional natural lighting to a home by adding more windows, skylights, French doors or making existing openings larger. Increasing the amount of natural light in the home will give your space a more open, welcoming feel.

Tear Down Walls

If you want to make a bedroom or bathroom appear larger, we can in many cases, remove certain walls or even closets to give the room a little extra square footage. Keep in mind that by increasing the space in one room, it may be taken away from another.

Improve Storage Space

By creating additional storage space and having custom made storage solutions installed, you can de-clutter your home, making it appear more spacious. Awkward spots like under the stairs and other small areas can be customized for storage when done right.

Re-Create Living Space

Opening up the kitchen and living room into an open-concept living area has become quite popular, especially in smaller homes. By removing certain walls and opening up the area, you can have a larger space that is perfect for families, gatherings and hosting events.

While we offer many options for making a smaller space look bigger, we highly recommend having a free estimate done so we can help you determine which option will best suite your needs.

For more ideas on how we can help make your home appear larger, or for a FREE estimate, contact us today at 604-968-2076.