1) Plan Ahead:

Think long-term when planning your home renovation. Keep in mind energy costs and consumption, long term maintenance, cost of repairs later on, etc. Choose energy efficient appliances to save you money in the long run, as well as energy efficient lighting, windows, etc. In addition, having a pool in the yard might sound fun, but make sure you factor in energy, water and heating costs into your future monthly budgets.

2) Create a Budget:

When creating your budget, include a budget for potential problems. Often unexpected issues with the foundation, plumbing, electricity, etc. can come up, leaving you with a larger bill than you expected. By budgeting for potential problems, you will have a safety net in case something happens. If not, you have a little extra money to play with!

3) Choose a Contractor with a Detailed Contract:

Contractors who offer a detailed contracts, generally have their projects go much smoother. In addition, you will know exactly where your money is being spent, what the start date is, what the completion date is, as well as what items are and are not included.

4) Clearly Communicate:

Clients who clearly (and politely J ) communicate with their contractors will help the project run smoother for everyone. Renovation projects can be very stressful for both the home owners and the contractors, and good communication will ensure you get exactly what you want with no misunderstandings.

5) Decide How You Will Live During Renos:

Depending on the size and type of the reno, you will need to decide how you will live during the project. Will you be staying with family? Staying at a hotel? Or will you be trying to live in the home to save money?  If you choose to stay at home, make sure you have a cooking space with a microwave, small fridge and other small appliances, otherwise you will find yourself eating out every day.

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