Most people don’t think about replacing their home’s doors or windows; however, not replacing them can have a serious effect on the functionality as well as your enjoyment of the home. Here are our top 7 signs that you need to replace your interior and exterior doors:

1) Drafts coming in.

When doors are ajar, your home energy efficiency decreases, resulting in higher energy bills and colder homes. Replacing your doors could save you money in the long run.

2) Damage to doors.

If you see damage on the doors such as holes, stains, or deterioration, it is a good sign that your door needs replacing. Not only does it look bad, but you may be letting in rodents and other unwelcome pests.

3) They are outdated.

If you are trying to sell your home, your home will sell faster and likely for more money if you have nice, new doors rather than old, outdated ones.

4) Rotting wood, mildew or moisture.

Moisture, mildew and rotting wood on an exterior door indicates that the door is not doing its job, which is to protect you from the outside elements. If this happens make sure you get it replaces and have a home inspection to determine the cause of the moisture problem.

5) Difficulty opening or closing doors.

When your doors are constantly getting stuck, shaking the house when opening and closing them and seem a bit ajar, it is time to consider getting new doors. In addition, this could indicate that the foundation has shifted, or that there is too much expansion and contraction happening. If you are getting your doors replaced, consider having a home inspection as well.

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