Choosing the perfect floor for your home can be stressful and nerve-wracking. Not only do you have to combine your and your spouse’s personal taste, but you also need to take practicality into consideration.  Your floor needs to look great, be durable enough to withstand foot traffic, accidents, and children, and be comfortable. For those who are starting to stress out (or who are already there!) here are some tips to choosing the perfect floor:

Asking the right questions.

What size is the room? How much traffic will the floor receive? Will children be playing in the room? Are there any pets? How often will the floor need to be cleaned? Are you installing a new floor to help sell the home or for long-term use for your family? What is your budget? By working out the answers to these questions you can help ease the stress and make some concrete decisions.

Choosing flooring for kitchens.

Kitchens require durability and ease of cleaning. If you are on a budget linoleum is a great choice, as it is inexpensive, there are many options, it is easy to clean and durable. Tile is another popular choice, although a bit more expensive. Tiles give a great look and have all the necessary kitchen requirements. One downside to tile however, is that if it is installed over a surface that has structural movement, ceramic tiles are prone to crack. In addition, they can be very slippery when wet, which is not ideal for families with young children or elderly living in the home.

Choosing flooring for bathrooms.

Bathrooms contain a lot of moisture, and therefore require a floor that is durable enough to withstand moisture and every day traffic. Ceramic tile is the most popular option, as it is not too expensive, very durable and looks great. Other options include limestone, vinyl tiles, marble and granite. You can purchase flooring with some traction to prevent slipping, or even opt for heated floors for those cold winter nights!

Choosing flooring for living areas and bedrooms.

While kitchens and bathrooms have certain requirements, living spaces can cater more to personal taste. Carpet provides a soft, cozy ambiance, while laminate and hardwood are easier to clean and quite durable. Wood flooring offers a natural beauty and elegance, feels warmer and is easier on your feet and back than tile or laminate.

Although choosing your flooring is a big decision, it doesn’t have to be stressful. By asking the right questions, planning ahead and doing some research you will be able to choose the perfect floor.

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