It seems as though everyone these days is knocking down their living room walls to create a large open concept living and dining area; however there are still pros and cons to both an open and a closed concept home renovation. For those who are on the fence, here are some benefits to a closed concept renovation:

Noise Reduction.

An open concept allows people in the living room to hear what’s going on in the kitchen – chatting, the dishwasher running, the refrigerator humming, etc. By having walls to separate the kitchen and living room you can have a quieter place to rest after a long hard day’s work.

Easier to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A drafty window could drop the temperature in just one confined room, whereas it may not affect the thermostat much if it was one wide open room. Heating a room in the winter would be faster and cost less in the winter than trying to heat a large open concept space.

More Space for Art and Photos.

Have more space for art and family photos with a closed concept home renovation. An open concept often makes it difficult to display your favourite art as there is minimal space on the walls, and not only does it have to go with the living room accents, but the kitchen décor as well.

Easier to Arrange Furniture.

With more walls there are more options for re-arranging furniture and décor, as well as more options for accent walls. You can be more creative with your interior design, and can take a little more risks.

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