With real estate prices increasing in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, it is becoming more and more unaffordable for growing families to purchase a larger home. As a result, home owners are choosing to renovate their homes make more room, rather than purchasing a bigger home.

If you are considering upgrading your home to save space, here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Finish the Basement


Not only can finishing the basement help increase the value of the home, it will also add more livable space to it. Growing families can add more bedrooms, living space, another bathroom, or even an entire suite. Many home owners use their unfinished basement for extra storage space, however purchasing an extra shed and cleaning the basement from unused items can help clear the area to allow for the new renovations.

Convert your garage


Similar to the basement, the garage often becomes an extra storage room, and in many cases is not even used for the car. If this is you, consider converting the garage into another room such as a bedroom, office, or another living space.

Convert your attic.

Most people do not use their attic space efficiently, and many don’t use it at all. Consider having insulation installed and converting your attic into another bedroom or living space. This can add an entire storey onto your home.

Remove non-load-bearing walls


By having an architect or a construction company re-work the layout of the home, you can add or find space you didn’t realize was there. By removing unnecessary walls you can create an open concept living space, giving more room in the living areas.

Get unique storage spaces


Have an architect or construction company help you find unique places to build storage within the home. Each step in the stair case can be converted into a pull-out storage space, kitchen cabinets can be extended to the ceiling, and other custom storage solutions can be found.

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