If you are looking to save money long-term, help protect the environment, and/or keep up with the latest in home technology, a home automation project may be for you. There are a variety of hard wired and wireless home automation systems which can be connected to the home computer network. Doing so allows the systems to be integrated with each other and controlled from within the home as well as remotely. The top home automation systems often fall into the security, lighting, HVAC and sprinkler system categories.

Home Security Automation

Home security automation systems are one of the most common systems, especially for homeowners who travel or spend a lot of time outside the home. Automated security systems can be installed in varying levels of complexity, from simple motion detectors that monitor door and window security to a complex combinations of sensors, detectors, cameras and even facial recognition technology, all of which can be monitored remotely.

Automated Lighting Systems

Lighting systems are perfect for people who travel often and would like to have lights turn on and off at certain times to give the illusion that someone is home. In addition, when people are home, they can turn on or off automatically as desired to help save electricity and decrease the monthly bills. Automated home lighting systems will require a connection to the electrical grid of the house, and they may be controlled remotely through the internet or a smartphone, or they can be controlled through in-home control panels and remote controls.

HVAC Automation

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) automation systems are often installed to improve energy efficiency. Temperatures within the home can be regulated remotely or in-house, and can be set up by zones or rooms. This system is especially popular with larger families as often different family members prefer different temperatures in different areas. Having the system automated and controlled allows the parents or homeowners to control the energy efficiency and save money on the monthly heating and cooling bills as needed. Furthermore, installers can implement a temperature calendar and/or a temperature schedule based on usage patterns, weather patterns and predictions, and other factors.

Automated Sprinkler Systems

Outdoor automated sprinkler systems are often used by those who travel, are not home often, or are too busy to manually water their lawns and gardens. Certain automated systems can be set-up to respond to weather changes automatically, conserving water and increasing usage automatically as needed.

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