At Jedan Brothers we work on a wide range of projects, from new construction and custom homes to home renovations and everything in between. Since we have the unique vantage point of having already booked many projects for 2016, we thought we’d share with you the top renovation trends for 2016 in Vancouver.

vancouver 2016 renos

Kitchen Cabinets:

Space is limited in many kitchens, and when cabinets stop before the ceiling, the top of the cabinets collect dust. Instead, many builders and home owners are having cabinets installed up to the ceiling to make use of all of the vertical space. In addition, soft close cabinets (also called self-close cabinets) are increasing in popularity and will be a trend in 2016.

HVAC Unit in the Attic:

The majority of attic A/C air handlers are placed in an unconditioned area. By having the HVAC unit in a conditioned room, the A/C unit will cool itself which extends the life of the unit, saves electricity and ultimately saves the home owner money.

Pocket Doors:

Pocket doors are making a comeback in 2016, especially in condos and townhouses with limited space. Additionally, with pocket doors you won’t have adjacent doors crashing into one another, and door space won’t be a problem when arranging furniture.

Convenient Light Switches:

“Toe kick” light switches are becoming more and more popular especially in bathrooms, ensuites, garages and mud rooms where it is easier to touch the light switch with the toe rather than touching it with wet or dirty hands.

Hidden Kitchen Outlets:

Building codes require kitchen outlets to be placed at specific intervals throughout the kitchen, which is why we often see outlets in the middle of beautiful backsplashes. To combat this eye sore, more and more home owners and builders are placing the electrical outlets underneath the hanging kitchen cabinets. Not only are they out of sight, but they are also still in a convenient location.

USB Electric outlets:

Electrical outlets can now come with a USB ports to charge your smart phones, ipads, and other electronic devices.  Placing them by bed tables, in kitchens and living rooms and in home offices will be a major trend in 2016.

For more information on 2016 trends, or to get a free estimate, contact us today at 604-968-3076 and we will be glad to answer your questions.