Do you have seemingly random cracks in your floors, garage, walls or in your pavement in your driveway? If so you may have a larger than expected foundation problem. Foundation plumbing leaks such as slab leaks can cause significant and expensive damage and can go undetected for years before the owner notices.

Signs of foundation problems include:

• Foundation movement
• Uneven floors
• Cracks in floors or walls
• Buckling floors
• Crooked doors
• Cracked chimney
• Hairline fractures or cracks in concrete (vertical, horizontal or zigzagging)
• Ruptures or gaps
• Crumbling or flaking of concrete
• Moisture such as pooling water, mold, mildew and stains
• Warped ceilings

Foundation problems, if left untreated, can cause significant damage to the rest of the house or building. Problems which arise from untreated foundation issues can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracting and restoration work. In addition, foundation issues may present health risks for building occupants due to contamination from broken sewers, mold or mildew, leaking drain pipes, pest infestations and other moisture related problems.

Some measures you can take to prevent foundational damage include:

• Keeping gutters clean
• Ensure downspouts are extended
• Make sure the yard drains properly
• Don’t plant deep rooted trees, bushes or any other vegetation close to the building

A thorough inspection of your foundation by a licenced contractor will allow you to determine whether or not you have a foundation problem which needs to be addressed. If caught early enough you can avoid costly repairs. In addition, having a yearly inspection is recommended.

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