Building a custom home is certainly not an easy task. There are countless hours of planning, preparation, and decision making which are often incredibly stressful. However, figuring out where to start can often be the most difficult task in the entire process. If you are planning on building and need somewhere to start, here are some steps on how to build a new home.

1.) Set Goals

Figure how what you need out of your home in a practical sense, and what you want out of it in an emotional sense. Determine your “must haves” as well as your “nice-to-haves” and set out your goals for your home.

2.) Set a Budget

Once you have determined your goals, set a realistic budget. After you have decided on your budget go back to your goals and see if your goals and your budget fit together. If not make the necessary adjustments. Keep in mind that surprises often happen when building a new home, so keep some money aside just in case.

3.) Purchase Your Land

Choosing your location and purchasing the land is one of the most important parts. Alternatively you can choose to purchase a cheap, run-down home on a piece of property and have it torn down, however this often has extra costs associated with it. Weigh all your options and make sure you choose a location that you will love!

4.) Hire Your Contractor

Make sure you do your research when hiring a contractor. Interview multiple contractors, check their references, ensure they are WCB compliant and are in good standing with BBB. Also ask how much insurance they have and if they are bonded. Hiring the right contractor is crucial to any project. You can never ask too many questions!

5.) Set Your Plans

Plan your project in detail before starting to build your new home. Know how much everything will cost, what types and quality of materials will be used, etc. Finalize your home layout and all the details before starting.

6.) Revise as Needed

Once you start building, issues may arise, new ideas may be thought up and plans may change. That is okay! Just make sure you revise your plans and know what is happening along the way. Revisions can be a good thing as long as you are organized.

7.) Move In!

Once the home has been built, the last step is to move in! Once you have moved in and decorated you can start to make your new house feel like a home.

Building a custom home can take a long time, and is much more complex than we have laid out in this blog post. This post is designed to give you some direction and a starting point. For more information on how to build a custom home, give us a call at 604-968-3076 and we will be glad to answer your questions.