2016 bathroom trendsWith many projects booked for 2016, we at Jedan Brothers are already starting to notice the top trends. Bathrooms in particular have been getting special attention, as they have become the epicentre of hygiene, design and luxury. If you are looking to have your bathroom remodelled this year, here are some of the top trends for 2016:

Metallic Finishes

2015 was the year of brass, copper and nickel finishes for bathroom fixtures and accessories. Metallic finishes are quickly coming back into style in 2016. If you are looking to keep up with the latest trends, choose a shiny metallic finish for your faucets, tubs, lighting and other bathroom pieces.


We have noticed more and more home owners with all types of homes opting for a luxurious look and feel to their bathroom. In 2016 we will be remodelling old powder rooms and washrooms into elegant bathrooms. Trends such as modern, classy looking tile, modern looking stone sinks, white or off-white walls and light colours will be in style. The idea is to make the room appear brighter, more airy and more luxurious, especially in smaller rooms.

bathroom reno 2016

Space Saving

While saving space isn’t necessarily a trend exclusive to 2016, it is still increasing in popularity, especially with the high number of townhomes and condos being built. If you have the type of home that needs to save space and make use of every storage opportunity, then speak to us when considering your bathroom renovation.

Bold is Beautiful

Bold bathrooms are also making a comeback this year. Having a bold accent colour in your bathroom, or a bold item or feature will give it more character. If you need a little more colour or personality in your home, the bathroom is a great place to show it.

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