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Dan Klassen - Certified Carpenter
Jesse Klassen - Certified Carpenter

Dan and Jesse Klassen were born and raised in the Lower Mainland. Their experience on a construction site began early in life. What started as a chance to make a few bucks working for the family business grew into a passionate career for both. Early on, quality and efficiency were hammered into their work ethic as critical to success.

After a combined 35 years experience building homes Dan and Jesse have a keen attention to detail and a perfectionists approach to finishing projects.

Jedan Brothers believes in working with certified carpenters/trades and actively invests in upgrading industry relevant education and certifications. Dan and Jesse are passionate about building homes and creating functional, fashionable spaces for families and look forward to bringing their expertise to your new home or renovation.


At Jedan Brothers we stake our reputation on four important company values:Jedan Brothers Contracting

  1. Client Service -We respect our client’s expectations, time and new home or renovation like it was our own.
  2. Project Management –¬†We believe a commitment to a professional level of project management will enable your project to be completed efficiently, with a high level of quality and value.
  3. Sub-Trade/Supplier Management – We align ourselves with sub-trades and suppliers that share our commitment to a high standard of quality, craftsmanship and integrity in their work.
  4. People Management – We recruit, train and retain only the highest level of professional tradesman in the industry to work on your project.