If you are considering hiring a contractor for renovations, new construction, or any other project, follow these 5 tips to ensure your project goes as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

1) Ensure the Contractor is Licenced, Insured, and has WCB.

Having a business licence adds credibility, and shows that the contractor is doing business legitimately. Without proper insurance, a contractor might damage your property and not have a way to pay for it. In addition, WCB is mandatory for all contractors who are incorporated or have more than one person in the company. By double checking that your contractor has these three items you can be at peace knowing the contractor is credible and covered in the event of an emergency.

2) Check their BBB Status.

Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for your contractors’ rating. If the contractor has an “F” rating or has multiple complaints filed with no resolution, be careful if you choose to hire them. If the contractor has a B rating or higher with resolved complaints or no complaints, it shows they are willing to resolve any issues that may arise.

3) Choose a Contractor Who Specializes in Your Project.

Jedan Brothers, for example, specializes in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and home remodels. If you are looking for the perfect kitchen, you probably wouldn’t want to hire someone who specializes in landscaping and exteriors. A contractor who specializes in your project will have more experience than someone who doesn’t, and will know how to prevent potential problems. If you are looking for high quality work, make sure you choose a specialist!

4) Require a Detailed Contract.

A detailed contract should include the full scope of work: time, budget, and expectations. Know the brands that will be used and what series or line within each brand. Make sure both parties sign the contract before they begin. If everything is agreed to and in writing before the job begins, there will be no surprises.

5) Know Who Is Doing the Work.

Many construction companies hire sub-contractors. If you expect the person you are hiring to perform the work, talk about it before hand. Often sub-contractors are beneficial to the home owner, as they are specialists in their field and will do a better job quicker, than if one person did everything. It goes back to expectations, know what you are looking for in a contractor, and talk about it before hand.

Following these 5 tips will help you avoid miscommunication, set expectations, and will help turn your project into a success! If you are considering hiring a contractor, call Jedan Brothers Contracting at 604-968-3076 for a free estimate!