An Enlightened Kitchen

Wherever you go in the world, it’s a basic design fact: large windows in a room are going to enhance the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. In this corner of the globe, where the views are incredible, we like to do everything we can to invite the outdoors inside. With the Ross family kitchen renovation, that turned out to be right in line with our clients’ first request, which was “more light, please!”

They also wanted more cabinet space and for their kitchen to have more modern features. No problem there, since we specialize in both.

Views that Go On Forever Require Windows that Do, Too

Structurally speaking, there were a few steps to take before we could add the modern design features that the clients were eager to have completed. First, we increased the kitchen window sizes to add more daylight.

And more cabinetry meant the need for more wall space. There are two options in this type of situation: free up wall space or build it. For the Ross kitchen, we decided that building the wall space would best suit the client’s needs. Building on the existing kitchen wall, we were able to add enough wall space for a significant amount of new cabinetry to go in.

Custom Design Touches to Make the Kitchen Feel More Personalized

One highlight of the entire project was the custom mini hutch — which functioned as a wine bar. We finished it with a quartz countertop for a sleek touch that also made the place feel more twenty-first century. That’s a design secret that we’ll give away: there’s really nothing like quartz when it comes to adding a modern, upscale look to a kitchen.

Another design “secret” we’ll let you in on: chooses the waterfall edge on your countertops and you get instant wow factor. We chose the waterfall edge for this project because it’s so incredible looking but specifically because the client requested a “modern” look. With its clean lines and no-fuss drop off edge, the waterfall edge is as sleek and modern as it gets!

Balancing the ultra sleek modern design touches was the custom cut oak table top. In this kitchen, we used rift white oak for a casual but modern eating area surrounding the kitchen island. It was important to use a wood that did not detract from the brightness of the space. The clean, light-colored white oak fit the bill perfectly.

Big new windows brought in more daylight, per client request, but the pot lights we added helped to bounce the light around and keep the space brightly lit even once the sun begins to go down. The cabinet finish was also chosen for its light-reflecting properties, in keeping with the client’s request. We chose a shiny, high-gloss finish, which also happens to give a very modern feeling, per the client’s other request.

A modern, bright, functional kitchen and happy clients

There was one last request: for the kitchen to be more functional. That can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people but basically for this project it meant more light, more space, and more custom cabinetry features. All within a day’s work — so to speak— for Jeden Brothers Contractors. The clients loved their new kitchen and look forward to cooking many great meals and creating many happy memories in it!