Catering to Generations: A Custom Home Project by Jedan Brothers Contracting

Jedan Brothers Contracting brings a family closer with a custom-built multi-generational home, overcoming design and code challenges to create an innovative space suited to each member’s needs.

Project Overview
Jedan Brothers Contracting was tasked with tearing down a home built in 1957 to construct a custom multi-generational home. The project was driven by the family’s desire to share costs and live closer to each other. The new home was designed to accommodate a daughter, her husband, their children, and the grandparents, all under one roof.

Client Details
The clients required two living spaces within the same home; each outfitted with a kitchen and laundry room. Additionally, they desired multiple bathrooms, a basement for office space, an expansive outdoor deck, and a unique design to highlight their garden—the project aimed to provide an independent yet harmonious living for both families.

Project Goals
The primary goal was to construct a dream home that seamlessly accommodated the needs of a multi-generational family. The clients aspired to create a beautiful, independent living space for each family unit.

The Approach
Jedan Brothers Contracting kicked off the project by creating an initial budget that reflected the client’s wishes. A design firm was hired to tailor the home design to the client’s specifications, ensuring every requirement was met.

Challenges and Solutions
One of the main challenges in the home’s construction was incorporating a suite for the grandparents on the main level. Conventionally, such suites are constructed in the basement, but the aim was to eliminate the need for the grandparents to navigate stairs. This posed a challenge in complying with building code requirements for fire separation from the main dwelling. Jedan Brothers Contracting overcame these challenges through extensive preplanning, experience, and consultation with City building officials.

Project Execution
The project was implemented with extensive preplanning, which included ordering materials and scheduling trades well in advance. The construction timeline was set at 11 months. Jedan Brothers Contracting coordinated a variety of stakeholders and worked meticulously from start to finish, ensuring every step was executed seamlessly.

Outcome and Benefits
The project resulted in the client’s dream home, offering separate yet integrated living spaces for each family unit. The daughter and her family maintained their beloved location, minimizing disruption to their children’s lives. The proximity to the grandparents offered a priceless benefit of familial closeness. The clients were satisfied, stating, “You guys have built our dream home.”

This project by Jedan Brothers Contracting fulfilled the client’s goals and showcased the team’s adept problem-solving skills and ability to deliver a project that satisfied multiple generations’ needs.